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Portable Facility

Our portable system has been totally revamped.
Now with a quicker and easier set-up


HVS-300HS’s main unit integrate up to 12 inputs and 8 outputs, Frame Synchronizer, Re-sizing Engine, Still Store, Keyer with Chroma Key, DSK, and a wide array of other functions including a programmable multiviewer.

Sony BVP 550P/570P CCU's include CCU-550 with RCP 720.


Solid state camera

Sony HDW-1800 HD

EVS XT3 with XFile3

Hard Drive recorders

HyperX3 Dual channel

16*16 Router. Multiple remote panels

Embedders and de-embedders


Audio ( Yamaha O1-V )
The Yamaha 01V is a 24-channel, fully digital mixer with 6 mix busses, 2 stereo effects returns, and 6 aux sends. It offers snapshot storage, instant reset, motorized faders, onboard dynamics, parametric EQ, and digital effects.

Clearcom MicroMatrix - 24 port IFB facilities, 4 wire circuits, remote stations Fully programmable

Sony HSC-300 HD complete with HSCU-300 CCU and RCP-920 Fully optioned Fully compatible with Sony Large Lens Adaptor and MSU

101:1 HD,87:1, 55:1, (6 Long lenses), 20:1 and wide angles Tripods include Sachtler and Vinten