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Main Vehicle

The Vehicle

Rigid single expanding vehicle

  • Overall length: 10.5 meters
  • Height: 3.8 meters
  • Width (expanded): 3.8 meters
  • Multiple air-conditioning systems Comfortable seating for 15

Vision Mixer Sony MVS-6000 HD with MVS-8000 control panel

Built upon the reliability and powerful production features of the MVS-8000G, MVS-6000 is a conscience multi-format switcher. The MVS-6000 utilizes the latest technologies such as a newly developed image processor, internal digital multi-effects (DME).

  • Renowned MVS reliability
  • Consistent efficient operation across entire MVS series
  • Scalable configuration to match changing needs




2.5 ME, 4 Keyers per ME, 8 input resizers, 2 output resizers, 34 Inputs, 24 Outputs, AUX busses, 2 DKS's, Clean feeds on ME's, Still-store with animation, Chroma Keyers, VTR control, Macros, Redundant Power Supplies. 34*24 AUX Router Modules included are: Standard transition, Flexipad, 10 key keypad, Keyframe, Trackball, Extension adaptor

EVS - XT3 and XFILE3

LSM-XT3 - 8 Channels Open licence. 2 remote controllers, networking option. Gigabit Ethernet. Import/Export media files between XT[3] servers and external storage and NLE systems ; Play while Restore. Massive 6 * 900GB drives. Built in multi-viewver


XFile[3] Digital Archive Station for Digital Archiving/Restore of A/V Content 3U 19" Rack with 2x 1TB SD in Removable Canisters : 2x 50 Hours of Mirrored or Sequential Storage @ MJPEG 30Mbps Video/Audio Preview of Archived Material on VGA Connects to XNet 270Mbps/540Mbps/1.5Gbps SDTI network Delivered with compact 83T PS2 QWERTY keyboard Includes the Xfile (backup & restore of clips) and Xstream (backup of rec trains) software applications

Character Generator

Chyron HyperX3 HD - Dual Channel -  Full animation, Clip player option. Works with Lyric software (versions 6,7 and 8), which can be programmed off line. This unit is equipped with HD and SD options.



LAWO MC ²56 Performance - pure and simple The new mc²56 mixing console from Lawo offers superb performance in daily operation, with well thought-out design and intuitive user guidance; a console that features reduced control density and, in particular, a compact frame construction. Yet, with plenty of concentration on the ‘down to basics’, the new²56 console conforms fully to the proven mc² series in terms of quality and performance.

The mc²56 is based oncurrent Lawo HD core technology, and guarantees maximum reliability, functionality and DSP power.

Sony HSC-300 and HSC-300R HD complete with HSCU-300 CCU and RCP-920 Fully optioned Fully compatible with Sony Large Lens Adaptor and MSU

Wireless systems
Link Research SD/HD system Full CCU control, Sony PMW-350 Sony RCP-720 Now with seamless battery change.

New wireless WiFi link system

Fujinon and Canon 101:1 HD,87:1 (6 long lenses in total), 23:1,4.5mm Wide angles. Fujinon 101:1 HD lens. Key features. H and V stabilisation. Full and semi auto focus

Riedel Comminications.

Fully integrated into LAWO Mc56

Fibre optic solutions

A full range of fibre optic solutions. Products include Evertz (multi HD down a single fibre), Sony (3 HD plus return feed, full comms and tally, plus full CCU control) and Black Magic.

3Km of single and multimode fibre