About Us

About Us

Our Mission

  • The OB Group strives to provide excellent service with a personal touch.
  • We offer our clients a turnkey solution achieved by a 'concept to completion' service on a one-to-one basis.
  • We deliver a cost effective solution for all outside broadcast requirements.

Company Profile

Established in 1992 The OB Group was founded primarily to service the medium size OB market. The company began with 4 partners (hence the name). From the earliest days, our main focus was the corporate market. This soon changed when we became more involved in sport and network facilities. Nowadays, the majority of our work is Network, Pay TV and Internet based.

The OB Group is one of the last niche outside broadcast facilities left in Australia.

Offering full broadcast facilities, we are constantly upgrading and improving our services to meet clients demands. Our facilities are fully HD. We also do 1080P. In 2001 our facility was upgraded to widescreen digital. This significantly enhanced the capabilities of the vehicle. The next addition was the move to digital audio. We installed a Innovason SY48 mixing console. With unrivalled flexibility and a short learning curve, this desk proved very popular with operators.

2009 - The OB Group goes HD

With High Definition gaining momentum we decided to upgrade our existing truck to HD. This involved the acquisition of new cameras, vision switcher, EVS, character generator, VTR's and all the glue products required for the upgrade. More than 80 percent of our work is now HD based.

2012 - The OB Group introduces a new expansion truck

Now on the road, we have once again come up with a solution for the medium OB market. This is the first OB vehicle in Australia to offer full embedded audio throughout. With unparalleled flexibility, this vehicle will prove itself very quickly.

2013 - The OB Group revamps OB 1 to provide a 6 camera HD solution

2015 - OB Group is acquired by Big Picture Australia

The company now has 26 cameras including 2 RF cameras, 5 fly away systems, 2 OB vehicles. We are growing - QUICKLY!!!!

The company has grown from strength to strength and our continual upgrading of facilities keeps our competitive edge.

Based in Sydney, we also provide facilities in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane on a regular basis. In recent times we have done Perth, Darwin and Uluru. Through Big Picture, we also have offices in Auckland.

With over 2600 outside broadcasts since our inception The OB Group offers vast experience and dedication. Our diversity and experience in broadcasting allows us to cover a wide range of events. From basic conferencing to multi-camera live broadcasting, we have the personnel, expertise and facilities to cover events accordingly.

See the CREDITS tab for a listing of some of the events we have covered

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